Joyfully craft

We have chosen to manufacture our collections on the shores of the Mediterranean, in Tunisia because the country has real know-how in the manufacture of swimsuits and technical clothing. I wanted my collections to be affordable to as many people as possible. I thus found a good compromise by manufacturing in Tunisia.

To limit the environmental impact linked to the transport of the products, they are delivered by boat and grouped together as much as possible to limit the number of shipments.

A few years ago I had the chance to meet Nabila

A wonderful woman who had the courage to start her business in a country where women are generally not entrepreneurs. Nabila has created her workshop and employs conscientious women with precious know-how to whom she offers financial independence and a fair salary.

Here, quality takes precedence over quantity, we prefer to manufacture small quantities, which sometimes explains certain size breaks. We then relaunch a new small series but we do not give in to over-production.

There are frequent exchanges between us, mutual trust drives us. We visit each other when necessary. Faithful to each other, we work together with joy.

The benefit of all this:

A delicate fashion offered at the fairest possible prices. A fashion that is committed to ensuring that everyone throughout the creation chain can receive an honest salary for the work done.

fabrication éthique