I am Juliette and that rhymes with "Les UltraViolettes"!


My childhood:


A childhood lived largely abroad according to the professional missions of my parents, in distant lands often far from cities, in Africa and Latin America.

Long stays in preserved environments in contact with wild animals that we do not usually approach and that I had the chance to meet ...

Experiences that I will remember all my life!

When I think about it, I realize that my childhood has a lot to do with my choices today. Love for nature, my sadness in the face of the destruction of biodiversity, my daily personal commitments, my affection for animals and of course my pronounced taste for travel!

My professional background:

Graduated in marketing, commerce and management, I started working in Barcelona in 2000 in a consultancy firm specializing in textiles.

Subsequently, I consolidate my experience with fashion houses in creation and manufacture, then in marketing and distribution.

I moved later to Paris to work for renowned brands such as Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix, John Galliano whose “couture” collections are available in bathing and lingerie.

It was then that building my family life and being aware of the issue of sun protection came to me the idea that protective and pretty fashion would be very useful!

In 2012, the first collection was born.

In 2021, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!

Home Sweet Home:

After Barcelona and Paris, here we are in the Bordeaux region, an ideal location to test our products on the coastal beaches !!

My personal experience with UV:

Since childhood I have been very exposed to UV ...

As a young adult I loved tanning, most often with oils, creams, low index without being aware of what was doing to my skin.

Later, I was weakened by major health concerns that led me to take photosensitizing drugs. These drugs left traces on my skin because at that time I did not know how to adopt the right reflexes. This experience then made me aware of the issues of prevention, sun protection and I believe that the creation of my brand finally made sense!

My mission today:

What drives me from the start is to please my customers by offering them the products they need! Whether it is covering and protective clothing or favorite swimsuits adapted to their silhouettes!

A quality eco-responsible seaside cloakroom where comfort and pleasure go hand in hand with good humor!

My personal red thread:

* Less and better

Whether personally or for the brand, I strive to adopt the most responsible behavior possible in my daily life to limit my ecological footprint and thus produce less waste. 

* Carpe Diem

Enjoy life, those who are dear to us, live in the moment, these precious moments ...