Here you are pampered!

All our UV protection clothing and swimsuits guarantee the sun protection factor 50+ (FPS50 + or UPF50 +) blocking the passage of UV through our fabrics up to 99% in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand standard (AS / NZS 4399: 1966) strictest in terms of sun protection.

Protecting you is part of our brand DNA. We are convinced that the best weapon to protect yourself from the sun is to do it for pleasure as well as for need! It is for this reason that we offer a modern, comfortable and cheerful anti-UV wardrobe.

If you are photosensitive, intolerant to even the slightest rays, our anti-UV clothing will meet your need for protection and you will appreciate their timeless style to wear on all occasions.

If you are looking for a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit adapted to your body type for going on vacation, don't wait until you need to protect yourself from the sun to wear one of our models. Combine style and well- be and take care of yourself!

But if I never tan under my clothes when I am in the sun, is it good that I am protected even without UV protective clothing?

Well no, because ultraviolet rays cross the atmosphere whether there is little or a lot of sun, whether it is hot, whether there are clouds or not. Some are visible (UVB) while others (UVA) are less visible (because they are not responsible for the immediate tan unlike UVB). However, UVA rays penetrate very deeply into the dermis and are the cause of spots, wrinkles and skin aging. UVB rays penetrate less deeply into the dermis but are responsible for burns and most skin cancers. Then adopt the right reflexes and protect yourself to take care of your sun capital!

Exposure to ultraviolet rays has a cumulative effect.

The damage begins at an early age and even if it is not visible, amplifies throughout life, hence the importance of protecting our babies and children