1 - To protect yourself, choose the panoply!

Opt for pretty swimsuits, sarongs, T-shirts, hats, UPF 50+ UV protection scarves and beautiful star sunglasses (enveloping, cat. CE 3 or 4).


2 - Put your favorite sunscreen in your bag (minimum index 30 but we are told 50).

Brush at least ½ hour before going in the sun because the effect of the cream on the skin is not immediate!

Same thing when you come out of the water like Ursula Andress in "James Bond vs. Doctor No".

In short, remember that you never put on too much sunscreen so apply it generously every 2 hours to areas not covered by UV-protective clothing!


3 - Avoid exposing yourself to the hottest hours.

Avoid basking when the sun is at its zenith unless your goal is to get all wrinkled ...


4 - Protect babies and children in particular.

Be proud to show them a good example!

Until puberty, their natural defenses are immature. Their skin and eyes are more sensitive and more exposed ...

Be careful to protect them well, including when they are under a parasol.


5 - Beware of false feelings of security.

UV rays do not always heat up.

At the seaside and in the mountains, when it's windy, cloudy and cool, there can be a lot of reflective UVs.


6 - Avoid sunburn.

Once tanned, continue to protect yourself, this will limit the damage of the sun and allow you to keep your tan longer than others, and knock!


7 - Avoid artificial UV rays.

They increase the risk of cancer and accelerate the aging of the skin so avoid tanning centers and save your money to succumb to the charms of beautiful Italian ice cream !!


8 - Pay attention to drugs, deodorants and perfumes.

They can cause allergies and severe sun burns.


9 - Eat balanced!

A good diet, taking vitamin supplements and trace elements will help your skin to defend itself so be beautiful also on the inside, it will eventually show on the outside!

If if we swear it to you!


10 - Don't forget your common sense ...